Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln

Sept 5, 2016

I dragged Carol to Mount Rushmore this afternoon.  Can’t say she was kicking & screaming.  In fact, she was down right agreeable.

What allowed us to go was that it was a short drive off of I-90 that connects Yellowstone and Minneapolis, my home town.  Well sort of as it’s really Edina, a suburb.  We’re heading there to see family and my 40th high school reunion.  Looking forward to it.

Being Labor Day, we expected Mount Rushmore to be packed and the crowds didn’t disappoint.  But the Dept of the Interior sure did.  At the gate when we paid our $11, the rules were posted and No Dogs Allowed.  wtf?  The National Park Service doesn’t allow dogs in their parks and cites damage to the flora and fauna and I get that.  Sort of.  Canada welcomes canines to all their parks and I love them for that.  So we left TiVo in the car and headed in.

TiVo was in a parking structure with lots of people walking by and we didn’t get 50 yards before we heard him barking.  Carol doesn’t like to leave him behind so she was never comfortable.  So it was up the path, quick view of the mountain, then back to the car.  What I call a hit and run.  No doubt this will rear its ugly head many times over the next year.

If you haven’t been, here’s what the granite looks like:


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