Among Hmong

Sun, Sept 11, 2016

Being 9/11, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost on that awful day 15 years ago.

When you hear ‘Minnesota’, you might think snow and cold but you should also think vegetables as this is a farming state.  And that means great farmer’s markets.

But great farmer’s markets need great farmers and that’s a lot of hard work.  Enter the Hmong, an ethnic group of farmers from the mountainous regions of Laos, China, Vietnam and Thailand, who have settled in the area in great numbers.

My sister lives in downtown Minneapolis and she was our tour guide for the day.  Being a boring guy, I stuck to the usual (i.e., heirloom tomatoes, portobellos, purple cauliflower, asparagus) but you could get pretty much anything that grows in the ground.

Kudos to the Hmong as an example of an immigrant group that has made this country the great country that it is today.





Edit:  How could I forget the Minnesota Salad composed of seven varieties of greens you’ve never heard of and garnished with edible flowers?  Carol’s preparing it as we speak.  Should be yummie 🙂



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