Jacob Mack Hops

Sunday, Sept 25, 2016

Carol and I explored Central City, CO this afternoon looking for a bite to eat and perhaps an adult beverage.

Central City boomed back in 1859 when a gold vein was discovered and the rush was on.  New veins were mined and the population exploded to 10,000 but, like all boom towns, it’s only a matter of time.  The population today is 663 and casinos are the only thing keeping it alive.

We had lunch at the Dostal Alley Brewpub (and casino 🙂 ) and took a table by some growing hops.  According to the waitress, a brewer named Jacob Mack came to town in the 19th century and planted hops.  They grow all over town and the city comes together each summer to pick them and Dostal does the honors to brew the mild ale beer.  Not sure how much of this is true but it makes a great story.  And the beer is actually pretty good.


The town has done a great job of preserving the 19th century architecture and the aspens aren’t too bad either.


On our way out, we went into the local grocery store looking for bananas but there were none to be had. Then into their liquor section for drinkable wine. Again, no luck but lots of whiskey. Out of curiosity, we walked into the dispensary section and there were dozens of choices. Oh my, how the times have changed 🙂

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