Arches National Park

Mon, Oct 3, 2016

After two days in Canyonlands, we hit Arches that is just outside of Moab.  And wow is it awesome.

After entering the park, we drove up some switchbacks and hit an area called Park Ave.  Huh?  So we got out of the car and took a look.  Duh (slaps forehead).  Park Ave it is!  Here are but a few of the towers.


So around the corner are the Three Gossips and Sheep Rock.


So, how’d this form?

The park lies atop an underground salt bed that was created when an accent sea evaporated.  And by ancient, I mean the real deal, say 300 million yrs, not 2,000.  Then residue from floods and subsequent oceans compressed as rock.  Perhaps a mile thick.  The salt underground was no match for the weight and subsequently shifted causing the surface to crack.  Surface erosion stripped off younger layers leaving the harder stuff behind.   Water then seeped into cracks, froze and expanded breaking off bits and pieces creating the beauties we see today.  Magnificent.

Our next stop was Delicate Arch.  Not sure how much longer it’ll be standing.


And then Devils Garden where the cars were in the way 😦


Just up the trailhead is Landscape Arch, the longest in the park at 360 feet.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and rivals Yellowstone’s Prismatic Spring in beauty.  IMO of course.  This shot didn’t do it justice as I was there at the wrong time of day with the sun in my face.  Finally decided to try to block the sun with the arch itself.  Best I could do.

_8008904And a last shot of Park Ave on our way out.  This place rocks!


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