The Zion Narrows

Thu, Oct 13, 2016

Today was a day to explore Zion’s most famous feature:  the Narrows.

At the top of the canyon, the road ends at what appears to be a box canyon as the huge walls block any outlet.  In yesterday’s post, I lamented my lack of a good picture of the beautiful walls.  But here’s a great example.  And the canyon is full of them.


So just around the corner is a small canyon from which the Virgin River exits.  And adjacent is the Riverside Walk trail that leads to the Narrows.  So up the trail I went.

On the shuttle ride up to the hike, the recording said to wear full coverage shoes, dress warm and carry water.  Of course, I had none of those.  You see, the Riverside Walk is exactly that until it ends.  Then it’s into the water as the hike is up the creek.  Now we know where that expression comes from…

We were hiking up the trail on the right side when it ended.  If you want to continue, you cross here.


That sand bank on the left soon ended and then it was into the stream.  Had I done my research, I would have known not to carry my iPhone and wallet.  Never mind my Nikon and 14-24 lens.  Duh…

See that fellow with the hiking stick?  People with sticks and hiking poles were everywhere.  And I was making fun of them.  “Carol.  Did you see those goobers with the backpacks, extra shoes, poles, enough water to satiate the cavalry?”.  Dummy me didn’t know I’d be hiking up the creek.


Further up, the walls closed in and eventually down to just a few feet.  I didn’t make it that far but it’s pretty clear that flash floods are a real issue.  Here’s the canyon when I turned back.  No escape.


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