Zion Canyon

Wed, Oct 12, 2016

Zion is about two hours down the road from Bryce Canyon.  The latter isn’t a canyon at all but instead a beautiful mesa that cascades down the countryside.  But Zion, now there’s a canyon.

When we entered the park, I pulled over at the first overlook expecting to see the canyon.  But the attraction was a buttress with this beautiful texture.  I thought it was gorgeous but Carol wasn’t impressed 😦




Then into the park where we drove past sandstone hillsides with trees and plants growing where no plant should be. But there they were.  Everywhere.





Then through the tunnel and into the park.  And wow!  Walls like I’ve never seen outside of Yosemite.  Most didn’t shoot well as the sun was down so the walls were half sun and half shade.  They look great to your naked eye as your brain can adjust but they look crappy in a picture.  But here’s a not-so-great example with the sun at my back.


We settled into our camp and then I went out to see the local mesa.  I know this has become a pattern, but everywhere we camp there seems to be a tall mesa in our backyard.



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