Death Valley

Wed, Mar 15, 2017

Yesterday we decided to skip Furnace Creek since the campground doesn’t have any hook-ups.  That means no AC and the forecasted high today is 95 F.  But here we are.

I talked Carol into coming for one night since it’s smack dab right in the middle of Death Valley and I wanted to see it.  It also didn’t hurt that the temp drops quickly once the sun sets.  So that’s what we’re waiting on.

BTW, the resort is NOT dog friendly so we can’t go hang out at the bar and enjoy their AC.  Not with TiVo, we can’t.  So we’re sitting in the Airstream now at 4:30 pm waiting for it to cool off.

Earlier today, we did the easy drive from Tecopa Hot Springs up to Furnace Creek and it was nice, AC and all.  After setting up camp, we drove to two of the famous lookouts, Zabriskie Point and Dantes View.

Both look out into the valley.  Here’s Zabriskie Point:


Right behind me were these beautiful hills with texture to die for:


Then is was off for a 20 mi drive and 5,000 ft climb to Dantes View.  Darn haze ruined a beautiful view of the valley 😦



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