Banff National Park

Thu, May 11, 2017

Carol and I drove into Banff National Park this afternoon and it’s a beautiful place.

This is a bucket list place for me.  Back in high school, we’d go to summer camp for canoeing and backpacking in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota.  After my jr year in high school, most of us quit.  But two of my buddies did the big trip organized by the camp and took the train to Banff for a back packing trip.  Always bugged me that I didn’t go.  So here we are.  But there’ll be no backcountry stuff.  Not with Carol 🙂

The campground opened today and is about 5% occupied.  Wonderful for us as next month this place will be a zoo.  So much that you won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting another camper.  No thanks.  We’re happy to be early arrivals.

Here’s a shot of the campground:


The drive into Banff was gorgeous.  Here’s one shot:


And another.  Beautiful mountains.


And the Canadians build awesome bridges along their highways.  These are wild life crossing.  Yes, the Canadians build bridges for their critters and I love them for it 🙂


And finally we’re nearing the entrance to Banff.  Look at the uplift on that mountain!  That flattop was horizontal back in the day.


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