Now that’s a Nice Offroad Rig

Thu, Jun 8, 2017

Our neighbors, a German couple, pulled in last night and boy do they have a nice rig.

They have a military spec Mercedes G Class SUV.  Formerly known as Geländewagen, ‘cross country vehicle’, but commonly called a G wagon.

And it’s set-up for off road travel.  Full height snorkel for fording streams.  The same wheels and tires on the trailer so that their two spares can be used on either vehicle.  A large roof rack with kayak, extra water & gasoline cans.  You name it, he has it.

They shipped their rig from the EU to Baltimore and made their way up here.  Next they’ll head south and are planning to drive the Baja.  Then on a ferry for Mexico and on down the coast.  Ambitious.  I love it.

Here it is:


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