On the Road to Haines

Sat, Jul 8, 2015

Today was a long 300 miles as we drove from Discovery Yukon Lodging to Haines, AK.  Long because of all of the frost heaves, not the miles.  Although we don’t normally drive 200 miles even with good conditions.  We’re retired.  What’s the rush?

We spent a night at Discovery Yukon on the way up and again on the way back.  A really nice RV park although pretty much off the grid.   All power is from their generator and there’s no cell service and no cable tv.  She does have a bit of internet but don’t expect anything more than a 20 min download of the Marin IJ.  Nonetheless, lots of grass and great people so we really enjoyed it.

Then it was off into the rain.  Here’s the first shot of the day.


Later we were treated to views of the Kluane mountains.  Loved it.


Then a bit of a surprise.  We were on the Haines Highway climbing a hill and I caught a glimpse of something.  Because of the slope, they were silhouetted against the highway.  Totally blended in.  Right smack dab in the middle of our lane.  But I jammed the brakes and saved them.  Trumpeter swans.  They mate for life.


And then we arrived at the Oceanside RV Park in Haines.  After settling in,  this showed up.  Nice 🙂


2 thoughts on “On the Road to Haines

  1. Ha Ha Yes! What I’ve found is that the Cayenne and Airstream are very stable on an emergency stop and that the anti-lock brakes do not activate. The reason is that there’s no skidding with all of the weight.


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