Gold Star Families

Aug 31, 2016

Our neighbors have a 30′ Airstream Classic, a real beauty.  But we haven’t seen them.  So we and our other neighbors, who hadn’t seen them for two days, were concerned and we decided to ask the KOA office to call to see if they were all right.  Reason is that their AC and TV were running  24/7.

Turns out they were in late last night and out early this morning for trout fishing.  The TV and AC were on for their dog.  Lovely couple.

I had met her this morning walking dogs but didn’t know she was in the Airstream across from us.  So minutes after the KOA call, they pulled in.  After chatting with her, I walked over to their Range Rover to see the weight rating of their hitch.  Stopped dead in my tracks.  They are a Gold Star family.  Carol and I don’t have children but I can’t imagine the pain.  God bless them.

Love Tennessee for offering this and if they ever get a speeding ticket anywhere in this country, shame on the ticketing officer.


2 thoughts on “Gold Star Families

  1. We are very proud to be parents of a Marine but could not imagine the pain that a Gold Star family must go through. I hope they get honks of support all along their route!!!


  2. D&C-Happy to see you recognize a GS family. Those who’ve lost a family member in military service deserve our compassion & respect.

    We’re really enjoying the blog so, keep the posts coming!



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