Pemex and Rice and Beans

Tue, Feb 7, 2017

You may have heard about the gasoline riots in Mexico over the past year. The government has decided to allow investment in Pemex, the national oil company, and that has led to market pricing. Gasoline is very expensive here at just under $4 per gallon. That took me by surprise.  Ditto for the Mexican working class.

Pemex has also shut down noncompetitive stations, as there were plenty that were across the street from one another. They have also shut down rural stations and here’s an example at one of our ‘Lenny’ breaks.  Lenny was an earlier client who couldn’t go 90 minutes without a stop.  So they will forever be known as Lenny breaks.


Because of all of the winter rains, the flowers are really spectacular.  Here’s a snap that I grabbed during one of the Lenny breaks.


Today was a long one as it took about six hours to cover the 235 miles to San Ignacio. This camp was a parking lot behind a restaurant / hotel called Rice and Beans.  It was great to have full hook-ups. The restaurant also meant that someone else was doing the cooking and cleaning. As everyone was tired and thirsty, the margaritas were great and we hit them pretty hard.  I wish I had a shot of the place 😦

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